Faith Christian School

Faith Christian School has been educating and training students for over 40 years. We have seen many students go on to be godly, productive members of society with a desire to invest in others what they have learned.

Our Mission:

Through our curriculum as well as other classes, we desire to produce in students a desire to learn and to grow. We hope that the education they acquire will be a value to them far beyond their school years. In today’s public school system, the wide-ranging ideology is that they (the school) own the students and can therefore teach them whatever they want them to learn. We believe our teachers are assisting parents in educating their children. Most parents would agree that a child’s spiritual development is the greatest need they have. In all our student’s PACE work, classes, sports, and discipline, we hope to develop within each student a personal walk with Jesus Christ. If we can achieve this, we feel we have succeeded in directing them to something they will use the rest of their lives.

Our Staff:

We are blessed with great teachers who have a walk with the Lord that students can learn from and even follow. They are trained in the A.C.E. education system so that they are equipped with the ability to teach the subjects necessary. Each teacher has a passion to invest in the younger generation in agreement with our mission. They desire to work with parents to accomplish the best education for each student.

Our Extracurricular Activities:

Each year we have several field trips that are both educational and fun for students. We also have a sports program that includes girls volleyball and boys basketball. We desire for students to improve in these sports, but our main desire is that they are able to learn biblical principles as well as learn them through sports. We have fundraisers to help cover some of the costs of these activities to lighten the burden upon parents.

Our Admission Process:

If you are interested in putting a child in FCS, please contact our church office at 417-443-3015. We will gladly send you more information. Once you’ve had an opportunity to review that information, we will set up a meeting with Pastor Shull. After that meeting, he will meet with the school board to seek students’ admittance into FCS. Open enrollment is between the middle of June and end of July.